Monday, 1 February 2010

It's been so long...

Happy 2010 everyone...

I cannot believe we're in 2010, it feels weird. Ok so I need to confess that I had totally forgotten about this blog, told you I was bad at keeping diaries. I hope the beginning of this year has been good for all of you. Mine started a little bit bumpy but things seem to be getting into place.

I just want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read my blog, I really appreciate the comments.

So last time I wrote was back in August '09, I was visiting my parents in Mozambique and was about to head back to the USA. Well now I'm back at my parents place (just visiting) and in 2 weeks will be moving to South Africa to continue my studies. I know some of you may be wondering 'why South Africa?' Well, first it's closer to home and second it's cheaper; and third it's a very prestigious university. So I'll be studying at Monash University, an Australian univeristy with campus in South Africa. Quite exciting!!!

Last year I was in the USA and it was tough and lonely at first but my last semester was the best I had. I begin to doubt if I was supposed to leave the US cos I felt at home and I made friends, I was enjoying my life there. But college was so expensive I couldn't afford. I applied for so many scholarships and even being part of the Phi Theta Kappa didn't really work. So I guess it was God's plan. He had something else in store.
I even considered moving to Sweden where they have one university that offer my major in English and tuition is free for everyone. But God closed that door and opened the one is South Africa. I was a little skeptical but now I'm feeling confident.

To get the South Africa student permit was another story. OMG! everyone says how hard it is to get the USA student visa but for me it was the easiest ever. The South African one is so was driving me crazy. Luckily last week we were able to get everything sorted out and next Monday I'm suppose to collect my visa. Thank God another battle has been won!

So yeah that's what has been happening in my 2010 so far...

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