Sunday, 18 April 2010


Why am I so confused??? If I can't answer that how do I expect anyone one to...Little things that have been eating me inside... all these questions that go through my mind and I can't figure out the answer. It's so aggravating. I think I'm just so homesick that I'm not even making sense any more.
So as I said on my previous post I'm now living in South Africa but I've started thinking about moving...AGAIN!!! I just want to find a place where I can feel at home and it's not like I have the money to be doing all this travelling.
I was thinking of going to Australia next year but next year sounds so far away and I'm tired of this life. This semester has been real tough on me...I've been stressing for no reason, I hardly leave my room so I feel like I'm in a prison. South Africa is not what I expected at all...I was so used to coming here on holidays and driving about, going shopping every day, having a good time basically and now I'm on campus 24/7...I hardly go out most of the time because I don't want to but then I'm lonely and all I wanna do is cry... I need to be spoiled my mum and dad for a little bit:( I feel like just throwing everything away and going home. So now I'm thinking of other alternatives. I've actually been thinking about open university...I could use some time away somewhere quiet and just study without pressure. Lord please give me answers. Why do I feel so lost????

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Made it to SA

So ok…I made it to SA! (South Africa)
Not as great as it sounds…yes it’s very exciting being in SA, I love adventures but so far it’s just been stress.
So I came to Monash SA on Monday, 15th February, I got here at around 2pm and went straight to take up my residence. Thing is they couldn’t find me in the system so they signed me up to go to another accommodation that is off campus. That pissed me off cos I had no idea what was going on. Then to make it worst something happened to the off campus residence and no body could move in…so they had to get hotel rooms for all the students going to Ironwood (off-campus). Stress, stress and stress…Lucky for me and some other peeps we were put at a guesthouse with swimming pool, Jacuzzi…everything we ever wanted :D
But it was stressful. So I went to complain because I never wanted to live off campus…they put me there without even asking. So then they found a place for me, they put me at a studio because they said there was no other accommodation available. It’s lovely but I cannot afford a Studio! If I did I would’ve applied in the first place…what do these people think, that we have money falling from the sky. This week has really taken it’s toll…I’ve had enough. It’s too much going on. Then I went once again to complain and told them that if they didn’t find the right accommodation for me I would cancel my registration and go back home. In less than an hour they put me in the right accommodation (so much for saying there weren’t any available rooms). So then ok things started to work…so I thought…
My housemates aren’t so bad but they have absolutely no idea how to live with other people. They are loud, sometimes uncivilized. They can’t respect that at 1am some people might be sleeping and would not like to be woken by a girlfriend/boyfriend fight or stinking loud music!
So it’s all been downhill from there. I have no conversations with my housemates cos I think it’s better if we just keep our distance.
Classes are tough but I really enjoy it…the only thing I actually enjoy here are the classes. Student services is crap, internet…don’t let me get started on internet. I think that it has worked PROPERLY for about 2 weeks since I got here. We’re in April…do the maths!!! We complained and they blamed it on you tube saying there were too many people using you tube and that was slowing the system. So the blocked you tube and guess what…internet is still CRAP!
The other day there was no running water…HELLO!?! I paid to have water! Right now there is no electricity, I’m using my laptop that’s probably going to die on me pretty soon then I’ll be bored for the rest of the night!
Thank goodness the semester is almost over…But then there’s next semester L What am I to do??? Well I’m making a plan…I have to study up to 3 semesters abroad because of my major (International Relations), so I’m going to Australia (where the main campus is) and after my exchange program is over I’ll transfer over there for my last semester or I’ll go to Malaysia (which is cheaper and I’ve been told it’s way better than South Africa). But I still have to figure everything out, the pros and cons blah, blah, blah…but completely disappointed with SA and most importantly very very very disappointed and upset with Monash SA…
I forgot that when you go somewhere on holidays is not the same as when you go to live there…learned my lesson the hard way! Anyways…I’ll stop complaining now :P