Friday, 5 February 2010

2009 Movies

In 2009 I watched quite a few movies and though I watched some pretty bad ones, there were also some that left a mark. I was going through my diary and found out the list of movies I watched last year. Don't get me wrong, I just saying which movies I enjoyed and which I didn't. I don't mean to be critical.

So the first movie I watched in 2009 at the cinema was 'Pink Panther 2'. Fun movie for a good laugh.

Right after Valentine's Day I went to watch 'He's Just Not That Into You'. It was an ok movie. Lots of great actors in one movie doesn't always end well.

Then I watched 'Taken'. Very good film, I recommend this one. I like movies like this it kept me glued to the screen at all times. Interesting plot and very real (it could happen to anyone).

'I Love You Man' was so funny. I love Paul Rudd so anything he's in I'll watch. Really fun movie about a bromance. I mean not every guy can pull this one off.

I absolutely hated 'Duplicity', but I guess I was the only one because most of my friends enjoyed it. I was so disappointed and bored with this one. I love Julia Roberts so I was expecting something outstanding.

I have a confession to make I watched 'Hannah Montana: the Movie' but it was for a good cause. I was babysitting that day so I took the girls to watch it. I don't know what they see in her but little girls love Hannah Montana. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I just cannot stand Miley Cyrus's voice (no offense).

'17 Again' was quite funny. Matthew Perry and Zac Efron = Perfect!

'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past' was cheesy. I watched it because I got a free ticket but I didn't really want to see this one. It's not terrible but it's so predictable and not that funny.

'Management' I think was one of the worst movies I've ever watched. Boring from beginning to end. I thought it'd be good with Jennifer Aniston and all but boy was I wrong. I was literally falling asleep.

'Easy Virtue' I thought was quite boring also. I don't remember why I chose to watch this one but it was so incredibly boring. I'm not a big fan of Jessica Biel and this film didn't really do it for her, in my opinion.

'Up' was the only animation I watched in 2009 and it was well worth it. So cute. I feel so sorry for Carl in the beginning when his wife dies, I just want to cuddle him. And Russell is so cute and funny. I quite liked it!

'My Life in Ruins' was ok. 2009 was not the year for Nia Vardalos. Very predictable movie, not funny. I just enjoyed the scenery being in Greece and all.

'The Hangover' was one of the best movies of 2009. I laughed from beginning to end. Bradley Cooper stunning as ever was funny. Everyone was funny! That was a bachelor party to remember.

'The Taking of Pelham 123' was intense. Denzel Washington and John Travolta, very good combo. Great movie. Certainly deserved 5 stars. The whole chaos in the movie gets your attention until the very end. I thought the ending scene could've been better but it didn't get in the way of the amazingness of the movie.

'The Proposal' was very very very funny... I love Sandra Bullock, she's one of my fave actresses. And this movie once again proves why. Ryan Reynolds is hysterical and charming. Had a good laugh with this one.

'Whatever Works', well I have on thing to say "DON'T WATCH!" It's absolute crap. It was directed by Woody Allen, I should have known it was crap because every movie I've watched by Woody Allen has been crap.

'Year One', well to be honest with you I fell asleep throughout most of the film because I was on a 15hr flight. It didn't keep me awake unfortunately. The parts I was able to see I didn't really find funny.

'My Sister's Keeper' very emotional. I cried during it and after... I think it's the first movie I watch with Cameron Diaz where she plays a more serious role. Very emotional. I read the book and cried when I read the book, so I knew I'd cry.

'Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs' was alright. I don't really like sequels and I think they're running out of things to write for Ice Age. So they should just give it a rest and move on to something else. There are some funny bits don't get me wrong but I think we've had enough of the Ice Age.

'I Hate Valentine's Day', well I wasn't very fond of this one. Like I said 2009 was not Nia Vardalos year. Quite boring to be honest. Let's move on...

'I Love You Beth Cooper' was blah aswell. I think Hayden Panettiere is very pretty and a good actress but I'm sick of her roles as cheerleader. She has to move on and do something else. Let's just leave it at that!

'500 Days of Summer' was good. Was very cute, a bit too slow for my liking but it's a cute story.

'Homecoming' was blah! Not a big fan of Mischa Barton and movies like this just get me mad. It wasn't a very good thriller/drama. If you're bored I recommend this movie.

'Orphan' was tragic. I wasn't even going to watch but my sister told me so much about it I ended up watching. Very intense. The whole time I thought it was something and in the end it's something completely different (would never have thought of it). It's a tragic end but thrilling movie. I was nervous, anxious through the entire film. WATCH IT! if you enjoy this kind of thriller.

'The Ugly Truth' made my day! I remember I was quite sad the day I watched this but it was worth it because I laughed. There's some hilarious scene. The tree and the baseball game scene are my favourites. Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler...made me laugh very very very much!

'All About Steve' I was dying to see this movie all year and when I saw it...disappointed! It was ok but by the previews I thought it'd be really funny.

'Couples Retreat' was somewhat entertaining. Not the best movie but Bora Bora makes up for all the acting. There's some funny bits but nothing hilarious.

'The Blind Side' was one of my favourite movies of 2009. Such an inspiring, feel good movie. I enjoy watching movies based on true stories and this one was no different. Very well done. Sandra Bullock was incredible and I'm hoping she wins the Oscars.

'Did You Hear About The Morgans', very predictable but I liked it. I'll watch anything Hugh Grant is in. Sarah Jessica Parker is good only in Sex and the City, in my opinion. There were some laughable bits but the movie itself was blah!

'Avatar', need I say more! I'm going to confess I wasn't expecting much from this movie. I thought James Cameron... I didn't really like Titanic so I was like whatever. Well it proved me wrong. Fantastic, outstanding, incredible...what else can I say. I was dying to use the restroom but I didn't leave not for one minute because I didn't want to miss a thing. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see in 3-D because it was sold out. That's my only disappointment. The best movie of they say leave the best for last!!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Don't overstay your welcome

So there's this old lady staying at our house and she just won't leave. She asked my parents if she could stay 3 days because she was moving to another city but it's been 2 months and she's still here.
I really don't want to be mean but she is so annoying and has a comment for everything. She likes to know everything about our lives but she won't let us know anything about hers. She takes all these pills that were not prescribed by a doctor.
I don't feel comfortable in my own house, it's frustrating. We can't kick her out because she's trying to sell her car cos she has no money to go anywhere or buy anything...
I'm keeping quiet because I don't want to do or say anything I'll regret...that's why I'm writing it here!

So a tip for everyone: don't overstay your welcome!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mothers as matchmakers

Can you stand when your mother plays the matchmaker??? I can't!

I love my mum dearly but for me it's super weird when she tries to find me a date. It's seems like I cannot find a date for myself so she's out there looking for me.
Random I know but tonight my parents and I went to have dinner at a friend's house and all she and my mother talked about was this boy I went to school with when I was like 6 (or something). And they were discussing how handsome he is and how lovely it would be if we got together... Now it's all they talk about. I don't even remember this boy and it's embarrassing.

Is it just me or is this whole mum as matchmaker freaky???

Monday, 1 February 2010

Rock it!

So I'm a big fan of Victoria Beckham...have been since the Spice Girl days. I think she's super funny, classy and I absolutely love her dress collection. Unfortunately she gets a lot of negative press for everything she does. I agree she's not a great singer but I have to admit fashion is where she's got talent. I love every dress from her collection and if I could afford them, I'd get every design.
I was looking through blogs and other articles and found a lot of disturbing things written about her collection. Some even said that her dress where made to fit anorexic looking women. Well how rude!

So today I was looking through the Grammy pics (as I love to see what everyone wore) and I saw Jennifer Hudson with Victoria Beckham's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. And I think she looked fierce! I also saw Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively wearing VB's dresses. Proving that VB's collection is for all shapes and sizes. Stop all the hating and just admire the dresses.

It's been so long...

Happy 2010 everyone...

I cannot believe we're in 2010, it feels weird. Ok so I need to confess that I had totally forgotten about this blog, told you I was bad at keeping diaries. I hope the beginning of this year has been good for all of you. Mine started a little bit bumpy but things seem to be getting into place.

I just want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read my blog, I really appreciate the comments.

So last time I wrote was back in August '09, I was visiting my parents in Mozambique and was about to head back to the USA. Well now I'm back at my parents place (just visiting) and in 2 weeks will be moving to South Africa to continue my studies. I know some of you may be wondering 'why South Africa?' Well, first it's closer to home and second it's cheaper; and third it's a very prestigious university. So I'll be studying at Monash University, an Australian univeristy with campus in South Africa. Quite exciting!!!

Last year I was in the USA and it was tough and lonely at first but my last semester was the best I had. I begin to doubt if I was supposed to leave the US cos I felt at home and I made friends, I was enjoying my life there. But college was so expensive I couldn't afford. I applied for so many scholarships and even being part of the Phi Theta Kappa didn't really work. So I guess it was God's plan. He had something else in store.
I even considered moving to Sweden where they have one university that offer my major in English and tuition is free for everyone. But God closed that door and opened the one is South Africa. I was a little skeptical but now I'm feeling confident.

To get the South Africa student permit was another story. OMG! everyone says how hard it is to get the USA student visa but for me it was the easiest ever. The South African one is so was driving me crazy. Luckily last week we were able to get everything sorted out and next Monday I'm suppose to collect my visa. Thank God another battle has been won!

So yeah that's what has been happening in my 2010 so far...