Monday, 2 February 2009

Who am I?

So I decided to start a blog and try and update often. It will be my kinda diary. We'll see how it goes. I kinda suck when it comes to keeping a diary. I start all right but then I get lazy :(

I thought I'd start by answering with who am I? But I don't really know how to answer that yet. Still figuring out who I am.
And where am I from? Tough! Well I was born in Brazil but I moved to Mozambique, Africa when I was little and grew up there. That's where I say my home is. Well at least was. Now I'm in the US attending college. New experience. So far, so good.

Moved in with a new roommate who is a blessing. My old roommate comment. Just glad we've both got new roommates. My new roommate is a sweetheart. We don't really talk that much but that's cos I just don't talk that much (it's like I have a problem or something). I'm quite shy and quiet so it takes some's tough!
I miss my friends. It feels like I haven't seen them for ages. We have so much catching up to do!

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