Sunday, 15 February 2009

Love Thy Neighbour

I'm supposed to be writing a newsjournal for my IR class but can't seem to do it. My newsjournal is about the Congo and I get depressed everytime I read about it. Can you imagine living in a country with such oppression? Not knowing if you'll make it to the next day.
How can so much evil exist? What happened to the whole "love thy neighbour as yourself"
News nowdays is more like a horror film, only tragedies. And people are surprised when you act surprised with the injustices and cruelties going on. Their responses: 'that's normal'
Well it shouldn't be normal. We should be shocked, sad, heartbroken whenever we hear that a child has been murdered by their parents or a bombing has occured wherever.

Why are people angry all the time? I'm not saying that I'm perfect because trust me I'm anything but perfect. But I do try to be better and be different.

I was bored this morning and I'm fascinated with celebrities (don't ask me why) and I was reading and some of the comments the readers make. And wow! there is so much negativity and horrid comments that I didn't even get past the first page. These readers are obsessed, jealous or angry at the celebrities because they have this or that. And that's just sick. Why would you hate or say something about someone you have never met. Just because you saw a miserable picture of them, taken by the none other than the paps, you assume they're miserable. I can't stand that.
Now would you like if someone judged you by your picture?
How would you feel if someone left you nasty comments because they didn't like what you were wearing.
Lets start with the little things. Greet whoever sits by your side on the bus or greet someone at Starbucks. A simple 'hello' can make a big difference in someones life and it won't hurt you to say it.

Lets try and bring compassion and love back into this world.

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