Sunday, 18 April 2010


Why am I so confused??? If I can't answer that how do I expect anyone one to...Little things that have been eating me inside... all these questions that go through my mind and I can't figure out the answer. It's so aggravating. I think I'm just so homesick that I'm not even making sense any more.
So as I said on my previous post I'm now living in South Africa but I've started thinking about moving...AGAIN!!! I just want to find a place where I can feel at home and it's not like I have the money to be doing all this travelling.
I was thinking of going to Australia next year but next year sounds so far away and I'm tired of this life. This semester has been real tough on me...I've been stressing for no reason, I hardly leave my room so I feel like I'm in a prison. South Africa is not what I expected at all...I was so used to coming here on holidays and driving about, going shopping every day, having a good time basically and now I'm on campus 24/7...I hardly go out most of the time because I don't want to but then I'm lonely and all I wanna do is cry... I need to be spoiled my mum and dad for a little bit:( I feel like just throwing everything away and going home. So now I'm thinking of other alternatives. I've actually been thinking about open university...I could use some time away somewhere quiet and just study without pressure. Lord please give me answers. Why do I feel so lost????

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